Hello Monday Coffee Roasters




Hello Monday Coffee Roasters

our brand new coffee roasting company, located right in the back of Sunday Dinner Home Store!!!!


freshly roasted (and delicious) coffee beans, perfectly packaged for you to enjoy at home. We are not becoming a cafe - there are many fantastic cafe’s downtown already that we love! Our brand is specifically made for enjoyment in your home - just like all of the other wonderful items we sell!


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To Do:

brew a simple, yet spectacular cup of coffee.

Hello Monday Coffee Roasters aim to provide expertly roasted coffee beans to fuel your day, everyday.


currently available in 4 different roasts:

Home Blend: Medium roast. Your daily drinker!

Espresso: Bold & Balanced

French Roast: Extra dark & Rich

Sunday Dinner Decaf: Best enjoyed after dinner, with good company. or for those who prefer decaf!


inquire about wholesale orders, if you would like to brew our beans in your business, or sell on your shelves!