Witloft - Recycled Denim Apron

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  • Our new line of handmade sustainable denim aprons are made in collaboration with MUD jeans from high-quality virgin organic cotton and we are very proud of that! Whether you’re behind the grill, in the kitchen, or practicing the perfect late art, our long aprons protect your clothes against any kind of splash hazard.

    With our new collection you steal the show in a responsible manner and help make the clothing industry more sustainable.

    • Made from recycled denim
    • Adjustable at the neck and waist
    • Can be washed!
    • Different washes

    The aprons can be worn by both men and women, and are specially designed for the hospitality industry, (home) cooks, denim enthusiasts, baristas, hairdressers, or just sustainable cooking enthusiasts. For anyone who is not afraid of getting their hands and apron dirty. You simply throw the apron in the washing machine with all ease! Our “long” aprons provide extra protection for the thigh and knees.

    Sizes (in cm)
    85 x 60 CM