Marcato Ravioli Tray with Wood Rolling Pin

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  • The Ravioli Mold is designed for those who love things done perfectly and for those who have rediscovered the pleasure of eating well and safely.

    The body of the mold is made of die cast aluminium, a solid food-grade material which guarantee a clean cut of the pasta sheet. Thanks to its aluminum construction, no particles are released even after countless uses.

    The rolling pin supplied is made of solid wood. The wood has been chosen because it is harder and more compact compared with other types present on the market. When the rolling pin is passed over the fresh pasta sheet, the ravioli filling is perfectly sealed. In this way, the filling does not burst out during cooking.

    The aluminium alloy tablet and the rolling pin are easy to clean, simply using a brush or a cloth. It has been specially designed to provide stability during the ravioli cutting phase. Ravioli of any size quickly come out from the mold.

    Imported from Italy