Classic - Peeling/Hawksbill Knife 2.5"

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  • The Wüsthof Classic 2.75" Turning Knife (4062 / 7), also known as a bird’s beak paring knife, has a curved blade with a pointed tip and is used for many of the same tasks as a paring knife. It is generally used in one hand while holding the object being cut in the other hand. The turning knife’s inwardly-curved blade makes it the first choice for peeling round fruits and vegetables. Also, because its unique shape concentrates the cutting energy on the tip, a turning knife is the optimal tool for scoring meat or bread dough and cutting shapes in fondant (a smooth paste made from boiled sugar). It can be also be used to make decorative cuts known as “tournées” potatoes, carrots, squash and other vegetables and to create decorative garnishes such as rosettes or fluted mushrooms. 

    WÜSTHOF'S best-selling collection for generations, CLASSIC full-tang knives are precision-forged from a single piece of an exclusive high-carbon stainless steel. CLASSIC knives feature a new handle design made of a highly durable synthetic material – Polyoxymethylene (POM) – which has a tighter molecular structure to resist fading and discoloration.

    Product Highlights:

    • New embedded logo in the handle
    • Full tang that is triple riveted to the handle for precise control
    • Precision Edge Technology (PEtec) yields a blade that is 20% sharper with twice the edge retention.
    • Precision-forged from a single blank of high carbon stainless steel
    • Comfortable and highly-durable polyoxymethylene (POM) handle with a traditional look and feel, stickered with our red Trident logo
    • Full bolster and finger guard