Beefer Original - Ceramic Dish with Wooden Tray

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  • This bowl, designed and produced exclusively for us by the traditional company Roemertopf® in the German region Westerwald, really is a small highlight: Made of fireproof and temperature-shock resistant, glazed natural clay, it is perfectly suited for Beefer applications. You can simply bring the bowl to a minimum temperature of 1,500 degrees in Beefer’s top position and then produce true flavor explosions within a few seconds – valuable nutrients are retained and the roasting aromas created by the enormous heat are truly amazing.

    The wooden serving tray ensures a safe placement of the hot bowl. The other side of the board has a simple juice channel and can be used to serve food of all kinds – of course it also allows cutting on it, just like any other kitchen board. Made from beautiful ash.

    We recommend: A juicy entrecote from the Beefer and as side dish marinated vegetables, asparagus or even Shrimps tempered in seconds and flavored from the Beefer ceramic bowl.